Professional Housekeeping Services

Why To Opt For Professional Housekeeping Services

Professional housekeeping services help you with the fast pace of life and busy office work, deep cleaning is far from getting done. This article answers all the questions you might have about professional housekeeping services. Starting from the many services and contracts they offer to suit different needs to their machinery and cleaning products, you get to know everything. A professional housekeeping service can be your fairy godmother.

Going through the Internet these days professional cleaners seem too good to be true. You might find their services interesting but are unable to decide what exactly you want or need. After all of the speculation, comes the big question, why can’t my regular cleaner do the same? This article is here to answer all commonly asked questions about professional cleaners so that you can hire one immediately.

Before the main questions, it is important to remember that professional housekeeping services offer many different kinds of options including repair contracts and industrial cleaning. It is up to you to make the right choice.

  1. What is it that professional cleaners can do that my regular cleaner cannot?

House cleaning services hire expert cleaners who have years of experience in the field. They also train their cleaners to handle after party messes and tough situations. A regular cleaner isn’t equipped with the right gadgets to clean thoroughly. Professional cleaners are sent in with state of the art machinery with the best cleaning products.

  1. What are the various services available?

Most professional housekeeping companies offer a variety of services to fit your needs. These are some of the services available:

  •        Residential deep cleaning
  •        Office and industrial cleaning services
  •        Maintenance and house repair services
  •        Maintenance contracts
  •        Car cleaning services
  1. How is it beneficial to me keeping in mind the prices?

Housekeeping services in Delhi NCR may seem expensive at first but you need to read between the lines and keep in mind the amount of work they get done. In today’s day, time is money. You will be free of cleaning hassle and will get to come home to a clean and hygienic environment.

  1. What is an annual repair contract?

An annual maintenance and repair contract is one of the best offers. The company offers to take care of all maintenance and product repairs of your home and appliances for one year with no additional costs. Housekeeping has never been easier!

  1. What exactly does a maintenance service offer?

A repair and maintenance service will include everything you can possibly think of. Here is a compact list:

  •     Carpentry work – Doorknobs, hinges, handles and more
  •     Repairing pipelines and sanitary ware
  •     Repairing fused wires, switchboards and much more
  •     Repairing and maintaining any/all appliances in the house
  •     Wood polishing
  •     Whitewash

With the millennial working all the time, a spring-cleaning session is next to impossible. Services like these make it easier for you as they take care of all the mess and leave your house shining. It is not to be forgotten that these professionals are trained to find and clean every nook and corner. Hopefully, with all your questions answered, you have already made the decision to hire one

Deep house cleaning services

Deep House Cleaning Services: What’s Dirtier is Washroom or Your Kitchen?

Employees who work for deep house cleaning services have often said that the toughest place to clean is the kitchen. As knowledgeable professionals they understand where the dirt actually lies and struggle hard to get rid to it. Below are all the tricks you need to keep your kitchen as bacteria free as possible.

A surprising survey brings to light that the kitchen sink might be dirtier than anything else in your home. The bacteria breeding in our kitchen usually goes unnoticed. Professionals have often spoken about the fact that the kitchen sink is one of the hardest things to clean. Keeping the above in mind, this article gives easy and doable tricks for daily cleaning. Starting from the sink to the appliances.

A recent survey has shown that your kitchen sink and appliances are more likely to spread diseases as compared to your washroom. It may be surprising to hear, but it was found that in most cases the kitchen sink has more bacteria than the toilet bowl. Merely washing the sink isn’t going to be enough to kill the bacteria breeding in it. Keeping this in mind, we bring you tips and tricks to have a clean and sparkly kitchen.

The kitchen sink

The sink is the dirtiest place in the kitchen. Getting started with it is the only sensible thing to do at this point. Most of us don’t realize that a clogged drain also produces bacteria. Boiling water is fed to the drain can be an easy way to unclog it. Moving on from this, you should make use of bleach to clean the sink and kill the bacteria!

The floor

The kitchen is one of the most visited and used areas in the house. This obviously makes the floor very dirty. Keeping in mind that a lot of things are stored in this tiny space, it must be cleaned regularly. One must use a strong disinfectant to get rid of all the grease marks.

The counter

Cleaning the counter is relatively easy as compared to the other parts. You must buy a fragranced disinfectant, which is also eco-friendly. Make sure to devise a good cleaning process and repeat it at least 3 to 4 times a week. Spring cleaning services in Delhi say that they notice an extra layer of moisture over the counter due to the arrival of monsoon.

The cabinets

The cabinets contain most of our stuff and are not cleaned regularly. It would be a good idea to clean it once using vinegar or washing soda and then to cover the insides using brown paper. House repair services are a great way to get all your appliances fixed at once along with the broken hinges and cabinets.

The appliances

Every appliance in your kitchen needs special attention. We understand that it is tough to clean everything in a different manner and thus we suggest a neutral solution to all – Vinegar. You may use diluted vinegar to clean out the appliances at least once a month.

Despite making all of these efforts, there are areas and parts in your kitchen that need a much more thorough treatment. Deep cleaning services today can help you clean out everything annually or as often as you would like and with the monsoon kicking in, this would be the perfect time to hire one.

Deep House Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning House Services Room By Room Checklist

This is why it is a good idea to hire deep cleaning house services. Cleaning a house thoroughly can prove to be a very tough task. One will usually end up finding way more dirt than expected.  They will get to all the unthought-of of spots and be done in just a day. Don’t forget to give them your own personal list.

Spring is a perfect time to deep clean your house. It can be hard to remember to clean everything once you get started and especially once you get tired. The list in this article divides your house into different parts and helps you focus on all the areas that need special attention and the ones that you may forget. From faucets to wooden furniture, it covers all.

1. The splashback: The bench top is cleaned almost every day but the same cannot be said for the splash back. It acquires its fair amount of oil and dust and must be cleaned well.

2.  Stovetop, oven and other appliances: Using our kitchen appliances daily means that a lot of food spillage and oil is acquired over them. A great tip is to use lemon juice to wipe off the dirt!

3.   Taps and sinks: These are the most germ-infested areas. Spring cleaning services have repeatedly said that cleaning or wiping them isn’t enough to kill the germs and bacteria. You must use a disinfectant!


  1. Shower area and flooring: Most of us use tiles in our bathrooms. Wall and floor tiles both can get very dirty even when they don’t look like it. Moping the floor followed by cleaning the grout areas will make your bath shine!
  2. Toilet: This is self-explanatory. You must use a sanitising product to get rid of the germs. Don’t forget to wipe off the dirt stuck behind your toilet.
  3. Other areas: Sinks and faucets should be cleaned the same way as the kitchen and all the product bottles should be wiped. Keep a look out of mould this rainy season.

       Bedroom and living room

  1. Furniture and wood: For a completely clean look you should opt to get your wooden furniture re-polished. Products like the bed and chairs are cleaned often but the areas behind them aren’t! This is a point to focus on.
  2. Dust everything: Every living room and a bedroom is different so you must focus on your personal requirements. Dusting the whole room thoroughly including cabinets is a good way to get started.


  1. Handles, doorknobs and switches: These three are among the most used things in our home. Spring cleaning services in Delhi suggest that they are also the reason for infections passing on easily. You must use a disinfectant to wipe off all the germs.
  2. Wires and pipes: While it isn’t possible to clean them from the inside, you must wipe them once in a while to avoid dust piling up! A wire bin can come in handy at this point.
  3. Cabinets and drawers: All drawers must be cleaned from the inside. It is not to be forgotten that their railing too should be cleaned and oiled for better use.



Deep cleaning house

Deep Cleaning House: What’s Your Cleaning Personality?

You know you would love to have a clean home but that takes time, which you don’t have. You often find yourself searching “deep cleaning house” on google.

On your way out to work, you pick up the dirtiest thing you can find and use the spare 10 minutes you barely have to clean it up!

Tips for you: You aren’t a procrastinator and you don’t love cleaning either but you know that it’s important and needs to be done. The trick for you is to create a 10-minute, day wise routine and hang it up on the fridge. Don’t go to the dirtiest product, go to your list and you will definitely be able to accomplish much more.

The Itsy Bitsy Cleaner

Cleaning is a must for everyone but all of us are different types of cleaners. No matter how we are or what we like and dislike all of us can benefit from some tips. This article is about helping you become a better cleaner and know a little bit more about yourself. Figure out what suits you best and use these tips to your advantage.

The Organizer

You’ve never seen a pile you didn’t want to straighten up or a shirt that you didn’t want to iron! Why is your cleaning still never done? Read below to know.

Tips for you: You never get any work done because you like a clean room but not the deep cleaning. You do small tasks because they’re easy to do and don’t take long. A good solution for you is to set up a list of chores you need to do and spend at least one Sunday a month getting it all done properly.

The frustrated Cleaner

Did you get some bad news or are you pissed about that one dish that hasn’t been cleaned yet? You clean when you’re frustrated and it definitely calms you down.

Tips for you: Everything does look clean after you get done but you never get to seasonal cleaning, which can turn out to be a problem. Hiring a spring-cleaning service is the easy way out for you to get everything done.

The All Or Nothing Cleaner

You are a deep house cleaning service yourself. You either do nothing or get everything done in one day. You open a drawer to clean it up but you just can’t stop there.

Tips for you: You need help maintaining your home on a regular basis. A deep clean is always a good idea but maintenance is key. Make a list of daily chores that you can do so that your home is always clean.

Cleaning is something that needs to be done by everyone. You will start having better days if you are organized before you go to sleep and you find everything you need in the right place. Know your personality, use the tips and be a better cleaner.

Deep House Cleaning Services

Deep House Cleaning Services: Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Deep house cleaning services suggest vacuuming your mattress from time to time. The pollution and dirt in today’s environment majorly affect your health and your immunity. Your house is not free from this pollution either. Keep a checklist of the most dust and dirt prone areas in your home and clean them properly at regular intervals. This article also contains tips and tricks that will help you keep your home dust free. Deep cleaning is the solution to everything! Read on to find out more about the same!

Delhi has always had poor air quality and is regularly being warned about the pollution level. This obviously makes our homes dirty and full of dust. This dust is also a major cause for allergies and infections spreading faster. Is your home too, making you sick?

Air pollution is not just an issue for outdoors; it is also an issue for your home. Unfortunately, we walk into our homes and bring the infections in with us. Having different immunities and capacities make us prone to getting sick faster if our home too is dirty. Make your home a safe haven for you and not a breeding place for insects!

Bedding: You spend a minimum of 6/8 hours in your bed. This means that you are constantly exposed to any dirt and dust that settles in. Dust is particularly drawn towards your bed sheet and even your mattress! The solution to this is to wash and change your bed sheet every week and to get your mattress professionally cleaned once every three months.

Furniture: Like your bedding, any furniture made of fabric is prone to getting dirty. An easy solution to clean these is to make a paste of baking soda and water! You can use this DIY trick once a month for fresh looking furniture.

Bathrooms: Bathrooms are one of the dirtiest places in your home. They propose a huge health risk to you, so you must maintain proper hygiene. Spring cleaning services in Delhi suggests using a store-bought disinfectant on a daily basis!

Refrigerators: Your refrigerator is the moistest place in your home. This makes it, and all the food in it, more prone to growing mould. Make sure you deep clean your refrigerator at least once in two weeks! Also, try to store leftover food in sealed boxes instead of on a plate.

Fortunately, all of these health threats that your house may cause can easily be neutralized. Office cleaning services in Delhi also suggest cleaning your air conditioner from time to time to maintain fresher air.

Keep your home clean and make sure that it is free of insects, dirt and dust. It may not seem so, but a clean home can majorly impact your health and help improve your immunity. Keep the air in your home clean and live a healthier life.


Housekeeping services in Gurgaon Housekeeping services in Noida

Housekeeping Services Clean Your Bathroom In 10 Minutes

Housekeeping Services Clean your bathroom if you do it once in 3 months. Maintaining a clean and fresh bath is important for your health and your sanity too. Here we have all the things you need to do to clean your bathroom divided into separate tasks that take less than 10 minutes of your time. Maintenance is key.

We know how important and hectic it can be to keep your home and washroom clean while you work all week long. Letting go for even a few days can impact your home a lot which will definitely have an impact on your mood every morning.  The secret to having a clean home is cleaning regularly for a few minutes every day.

Here we have a small guide for you to follow! Divided into 3 tasks, to keep your bathroom fresh. Don’t let your bathroom be the troublesome zone you think it is.

Task 1: Cleaning The Toilet And The Flooring

Spray your toilet bowl with a store-bought disinfectant and use dust free wipes to wipe it down. Don’t forget that you can use baking soda and water to clean the lid, seat and its exteriors. Make sure you hose it down with water! Housekeeping services in Gurgaon use pressure water cleaning techniques for the same and they work like magic.

Now coming to the floors! Sweep the flooring using a mop and clean it with warm water instead of normal. You can use a lemon to clean the dirt stuck in the grout lines between tiles!

Task 2: Cleaning The Sink And Mirrors

Take out a sponge and get cleaning. Use a bleach-based cleanser to make your sink shine like never before. You can also use an air freshener to make your bathroom smell its best.

Clean the mirror using a mix of white vinegar and water! Apply this paste onto the mirror and wipe it up with newspapers. Give the final look of cleaning by spraying water onto the mirror and damp drying it using a piece of cloth/ towel. Experts from housekeeping services in Noida use this tip.

Task 3: Cleaning The Bathing Area And Upholstery

The first thing to think of when cleaning the upholstery is to have it working perfectly. Make use of a good house repair service and get all your equipment working. Coming to the cleaning, use a detergent and a scrub brush to clean the walls and flooring of the bathing area.

Let your shower run some hot water before cleaning any upholstery! This will make it easier for you to wipe down the dirt. Don’t forget about the magical combination of baking soda and water!

All of these tasks will take 10 minutes or less to perform. Do them on a regular basis regulating day wise and it’ll feel like an effortless part of your routine? Daily cleaning goes a long way.


Deep cleaning services

Deep Cleaning Services That Will Change Your Life

Deep cleaning services help you by making tiny changes every day so that you can be ready to follow all of these cleaning resolutions when the time comes. Just in case your house is in a huge mess due to all the festivities, you can call in a deep cleaning service to help you out. Maintaining a clean home is much easier than cleaning one.

Housekeeping may seem easy but can turn out to be extremely hectic. As the festive season is already here, the New Year is around the corner too. You must make a list of your resolutions and hang them in plain sight so that they turn into a routine by the time 2018 starts. You will finally be able to proudly tell your friends that your resolutions lasted more than 10 days.

Yes, it might be a little too early to start talking about new year resolutions but you need to mentally prepare yourself for this one. These resolutions are just small changes in your daily routine that can help you out in the long run. Housekeeping isn’t as easy and fun as you may think.

1. Make your bed

Your bed is something very personal and you know exactly how you would like it. Be it the number of pillows or the layout of the blanket, you know yourself best. So get into the habit of making your bed every morning as you wake up. This will mean a more relaxed you after work.

2. Lay silicon liners

Silicon liners can be your saviours. Not only will they protect your furniture from spills and cracks but they will also save you a lot of dusting time. Make it a New Year’s resolution to lay silicon liners everywhere they need to be and to replace them monthly.

3. Actually, buy cleaning products

You may regularly buy the window cleaner or a disinfectant but you never put in money for cleaning products that are a little bit more expensive. These products last a lifetime and can make your life much easier. For example, having a tiny vacuum cleaner at home can simplify your life by a lot.

4. Stop ignoring the hidden areas

Just because an area of your house is hidden or out of your site does not mean that it doesn’t need cleaning. Experts from home cleaning services say that these unused areas are the ones that actually acquire the most dust. You must promise yourself to start cleaning these.

5. Deep cleaning your home every season

Your house needs a deep clean every now and then and you know it. You must deep clean every inch of your house at least 4 times a year. An easier solution is to hire a deep cleaning service and let them do all the work so that it can be done within a day.

Making New Year resolutions is easy but keeping them alive till the end of the next year is the tough part. How many of your 2018 resolutions are still alive? It’s still early so you have time to get a head start and turn these 2019 resolutions into a routine.




Home Repair Services

On-Call Home Repair Services

Home Repair Services can be a worrisome job, rather troubling. Even minor problems, like fixing a leaking tap, can be taxing, as we may need to chase the local plumber through numerous calls.  This is a good enough reason to start thinking about hiring an official plumber, in other words, calling house repairing services to deliver the on-site job on time.

Just like we need regular housekeeping, we need regular plumbing maintenance too. House repair professionals are attuned to arriving for duty as per appointment, are equipped with modern tools to do the job and charge an affordable price. Such repair services also include whitewashing walls, servicing air conditioners, carpentry, and polishing of wooden floors. Imagine getting all housework done with just one phone call and one appointment!

The list of problems associated with an unofficial network of home fixers includes no clear price structure, lack of a uniform service delivery guarantee, transparency of charging the customer for a particular service, ensuring a quality job is done or gaining the trust of the customer. The professional set up is focused to settle the anxiety of the customer and create an enabled home repairing scenario.

Professional home repair companies even invest time and money in training their employees in both hard and soft skills to provide world calls services to customers. Such employees are also verified to deliver efficient on-site delivery. The big advantage of customers here is that if the task is not delivered up to their satisfaction, the service attendants are available on a follow-up call as well. Accountability is a big part of customer service.

It is wake-up time for the customers and to make a beginning, the need to replace the local services with a rented professional is a strong reason.

Deep cleaning services

Deep Cleaning Services Recommended Room Cleaning Tricks

Experts from deep cleaning services suggest that you get organized first and clean later. This makes things much easier and the process of cleaning much faster. If you’re in a real fix, give a call to a home cleaning service to come and help you out.

Tidy up

Tidying up is what you should focus on, instead of cleaning. Tidying up will make your room look much better and will help you feel fresh on a daily basis. De-clutter your room to de-clutter your mind.

One of the best and easiest things you can do is clear out space for a dump drawer. This drawer can contain anything that doesn’t have a proper place in your home right now.

Use a laundry basket to collect all the things that aren’t in place and then figure out a good space for them. Tuck in the wires, fix the lamp, dust off the television and make your bed perfectly. Only doing these things can turn your room into a much better place.

Don’t forget to divide and sort. It’s the fastest way possible! Deep cleaning Services always sort first and clean later!

Clean up

Get hold of a garbage bag, a lint roller and a microfiber cloth!

Start by dumping all the trash into the bag. Proceed to use a lint roller over your chairs, sofas and everything made of fabric. Housekeeping is a time-consuming task if you do it smartly. Wipe all the dust using a microfiber cloth and your room should look spotless.

Have you just passed out of college or just gone into a hectic new job? Is managing your own room also a dreaded task now? We are here to help you out by giving you a daily 10-minute clean up to maintain your room. Room cleaning may seem like a small task, but it can actually have a huge impact on your daily life and mood. Whether you’re doing a pre-guest tidy up or a deep cleanse for yourself, this is the perfect way to get rid of all the mess in your room by the end of the day.

Deep cleaning services

Deep Cleaning Tricks Just For You

Deep cleaning service and organizing can be a tough and dreaded task. It’s worse if you have someone coming over. It’ll make your home look organized and will give you peace of mind. Don’t forget that you can hire experts to come to help you out when you have time, or ironically when you don’t.

Like every other household, your home too keeps making you expand the list of chores to do, places to clean and things to fix. Ever wonder about a way out? Some way you could get it done in 30 minutes and have the stress off your mind? Breaking down a manageable routine in terms of time and maintaining it regularly is the only possible way to stay on top of things.

Luckily we have found methods and strategies that experts use to get their work done in no time.

You may not mind living in a little messy room but it all gets too real when your friends start complaining or some relatives are about to come over! This plan is exactly the one you need to pull out of your back pocket. This is your 30-minute guide to a deep cleaning of sorts. Besides, house-cleaning services are always there when you need experts to go deep and clean every single thing out.

Start by collecting the things you will need the most. Get hold of a large sized garbage bag, a laundry basket along with a microfiber cloth and disinfectant.


Start room wise and target the dirtiest rooms first! Collect everything that is out of place in the laundry basket and throw everything you don’t need in the garbage bag. Try to place all the things that belong to the same room from the basket, right there and then. This likely won’t take you longer than 7-8 minutes per room. Repeat this in every room to get all your mess sorted first! Don’t forget to keep the dirty utensils in the kitchen before you start.

Insider tip: Keep a tray on a desk and let all your small items lay there! They will look organised without you making much of an effort.


Start by picking up a dusting cloth or a feather duster to dust all the visible surfaces as fast as you can. Just dust, don’t look. Post this, wipe down all hard surfaces using the microfiber cloth. Don’t forget to wipe the windows and mirrors.

Insider tip: Use cleaning wipes when in an extreme hurry! They get the job done and you don’t have to make much of an effort.

Don’t forget to vacuum up the visibly dirty surfaces. Your carpet can be the most troublesome so look into hiring a carpet cleaning service, if need be. Fluff up the pillows and bring out your favourite essential oil!

Don’t forget that cleaning should be a regular task and not always done in a hurry. Your house would need a good deep clean at least once every 4 months. You can always hire a professional service and get a house repair contract to ease things for yourself. Happy cleaning!



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