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Home Cleaning Services: 5 Mistakes That Can Make Cleaning Harder Than It Actually Is

Cleaning always seems like a long and exhausting task, but it doesn’t have to be. These mistakes end up making our job harder and still leave our house dirty. No one wants to waste their Sunday deep cleaning their home, which is why home cleaning services are a blessing. Experts from the cleaning industry have curated tips you should use!

Mistake 1: DIY cleaners

You may think your DIY cleaner is saving you money or doing a better job, but in the long run, it isn’t. A cleaner is best bought from the store. Products like baking soda to remove stains are a totally different ball game.

Mistake 2: Feather dusters

A feather duster may feel more convenient and fast when you’re cleaning but it actually does nothing. This duster only pushes dust from one area to another so you eventually end up cleaning more often. The replacement for this is a simple microfiber cloth. Commercial cleaning services swear by this product.

Mistake 3: You don’t clean the cleaner

All of us have that one dusting cloth which has even changed colour over time. This is exactly where most people go wrong. A cleaning cloth/material needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly. Be it a duster, wiper or vacuum cleaner, your cleaning products need cleaning too using home cleaning services

Mistake 4: You use a cleaning spray directly on the surface you want to clean

Spraying directly on the surface you want to clean is a big no-no. Doing this creates a build upon its surface, which actually attracts more dust. A simple solution is to spray on the cleaning cloth and not the product.

Mistake 5: You try to finish all your chores in one day

While professional teams are capable of deep cleaning your whole house in a day, you may not know those tricks well enough. Piling up your chores all for your Sunday is never a good idea.

Cleaning is trickier than it looks. It takes a long time but is definitely worth it by the end! Luckily Delhi and NCR now have cleaning and home repair services to help you out.


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Deep Cleaning Services: Importance of A Hygienic Bathroom

Cleaning a bathroom can be tiresome when you have a busy schedule. Though you may respect the wiper and use it but cleaning the deepest and darkest corner is sure to reward you. That’s why where deep cleaning services are necessary. A dirty bathroom is unhealthy and can lead to infections. Disinfect it daily to keep it free from germs, dirt and smell. Use a freshener to keep out the bad odour that can make you dizzy.

Here are these easy steps to deep cleaning house and keep washrooms hygienic:

  1. Fight those pathogens: Wash every nook and corner of the restroom. Bacteria and viruses might be hiding in the bathtub, behind the toilet seat, under the basin or on the window frame, clean it all every day to maintain a safe living environment. These pathogens are likely to cause infections that may turn out to be a disease later.
  2. Clean the fixtures: It is best to fix a day to clean fixtures once a week. Fixtures of your bathroom will include a shower curtain, shelves, cabinets, mirror, fan, taps, buckets etc. It is quite necessary to wipe these with a light chemical solution to remove grime and watermarks from each. Cure it before your kid just runs into the washroom and touch these!
  3. Mop bathroom floors regularly: The floor is the dirtiest part of any bathroom. We carry along mud and soil in our footwear, drop water, and use unclean mats in the restroom. These habits make the floors a hub of germs that lashes back at us with diseases. Make sure to use a mild disinfectant to clean the floor. For best results, hire deep cleaning services every month to maintain the hygiene.
  4. Toilet seat practices: Always keep the toilet seat down, to prevent bacteria from spreading. It also helps in preventing bad odour from spreading around the area. Clean the seat every twice every week to prevent contamination.

Maintain a sanitized bathroom to keep away allergies and diseases. Proper cleaning is to be ensured for a secure environment. If you have a busy corporate or social life, it is advisable to go for housekeeping service in Delhi and free yourself from all the stress of the cleansing activity.

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Deep cleaning house: Spend your time doing what relaxes you

Stop whatever it is you are doing right now and imagine. Imagine you are at home right now, enjoying a long relaxing bath and all you can think about is that bed you’ll hop onto along with a snack and your favourite series. But uh oh, the bedroom is a mess and instead of the picture perfect evening you had hoped for, you end up cleaning instead. What a drastic change of plans and waste of an evening! If this is not the scenario you want, you want us – Deep cleaning house services. Spend your time however you want. House cleaning services will take care of giving your home the shine you want.

After a long arduous day at work, all we folks want is a comfortable home that melts our stress away. But if the dishes are lying in the sink, and dust is gathered over tabletops and the patio is in a state of disarray, is there even any sense in working so much when your safe haven doesn’t delight your sense?  We understand that time is money, and even a little time that’s spent doing what relaxes us can be weighed in gold.

At Dirtsmash, we provide expert cleaning and maintenance services and try our level best to make your job easier. Whether it’s your home, office or even a car wash requirement, we are up for it. Thinking about getting housekeeping services in Noida, Delhi and other NCR regions? You should call us. You can also customize your services according to what you want and when under our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

We specialize in deep cleaning services that include minute things such as dusting to bigger tasks like removing tar and other stubborn spots from your home. Call us up or book an appointment on our official website as we specialize in providing house cleaning services in Delhi and other NCR regions.

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The Magic of Pressure Washing In Home Cleaning

The Magic of Pressure Washing in Home cleaning is a tough and rigorous process, especially when it comes to stains and dirt that never seem to go away, this is where Dirtsmash comes for the rescue with its professional deep cleaning services across Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. Most of us have heard of pressure washing techniques but haven’t ever seen them. They work like pure magic and will leave any and all kind of surfaces sparkling. Let’s get to know what this wonderful technique can do for us:

Tile cleaning

Housekeeping services in Gurgaon often use this technique with tiles to get rid of all the dirt stuck in the grout lines. It also removes all the dirt from the tiles itself and will leave them sparkling.

Tire cleaning

We often forget how dirty our cars and tires get during the monsoon. This technique is also widely used to clean tires and the outer body of the car. This ensures that the tires and body get rid of all the dirt, which is invisible to the naked eye. Car cleaning services have recently started using this technique to its maximum potential.

Window cleaning

Sudden temperature changes paired with a lot of pollution can eventually make your windows look dull and dirty. Housekeeping services in Noida often make use of pressure water to clean windows and get the perfect new look.

Car Mats

Car mats are usually one of the dirtiest parts of our cars. Most of us are reluctant to get them changed regularly because of the high costs. Cleaning them can be tough since they tend to hold onto the dirt. Car washing services clean mats using pressure water techniques without spoiling their texture.

Pressure water as a technique can do much more than you can imagine. It is also one of the professional favourites. The best part is that since only water is used, the product being cleaned doesn’t get damaged. Professionals with experience in this field know exactly where to use this technique. Starting from window cleaning to cleaning fences and tires, this technique will be loved by all.



What Is Deep House Cleaning – Professional house cleaning services

Throughout the calendar, many homeowners might clean certain areas of their home at a time, but hardly perform an intense deep cleaning of their entire house at a single time. It is favourable to get deep house cleaning services for the whole house at least once a year to completely remove all dust and debris for a cleaner home and healthier environment.

Deep cleaning every room of the house can be an overwhelming job and home cleaning service providers typically offer deep cleaning services to effectively clean every nook and cranny of your home.  The following is the ABC of what to expect from professional deep house cleaning services.

Almost all service providers begin their deep house cleaning services with an assessment of the house. The purpose of this assessment is to learn the scope of the work while taking any particular priorities of the client into account.  Once the assessment is completed, the service provider will know how many professionals to send, what equipment is required, and how long the task will take.

The next step of the process is to execute the deep cleaning. The professionals will arrive at your home with the equipment they need based on the assessment and will go from room to room cleaning everything from the ceiling to the floor.  During this process, the professionals will clean every feature of the room such as the light fixtures, switch plates, window glass, trims, shelves, and doors as well as furniture.  Professional house cleaning services may include but are not limited to:

  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Dusting
  • Window Washing
  • Vacuuming
  • Maid Services

One of the ways to keep a happy and healthy home is maintaining a clean home and professional deep house cleaning services can help you achieve this.  Many cleaning service providers will assess the condition of your home to deliver an effective deep clean that reaches every inch of the property.

Commercial cleaning service

Why should you use a commercial cleaning service?

Free yourself from the duty of home and office cleaning on a regular day-to-day basis and hire a company who expertise in commercial cleaning services. Business owners for sure do have the option of cleaning their office buildings by themselves and on the same side, also have the option of hiring a deep cleaning professional to clean the building for them. The latter, they feel and experience has numerous benefits. Scroll on to find out the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service business.

Great looks and amazing fragrance in the building comes along with hiring a commercial cleaning business. Companies that offer such deep cleaning services specialise in the cleaning duties of commercial buildings. They are able to clean any type of room or item placed in the building making it look spot on. They also make sure that all trash boxes are emptied and sanitised for reuse again.

Another key activity that is offered by these companies is that they clean all windows and mirrors throughout the building inside out. This also includes periodic cleaning of blinds and curtains for regular housekeeping.

One of the largest tasks they will complete is the hard-surface floor. A lot of commercial buildings have tile floors or something that is similar to it. A professional service company will clean all these floors and they will wax them periodically as well. Once you have them on board there is very little you will have to worry!

As you can see, these businesses can clean anything and just like how they would do home cleaning services. By hiring such a professional company whose expertise lies in doing such things, you receive another huge benefit. This benefit is time. By hiring them you are free from completing these duties yourself and pay attention to far more important things. This means that you do not have to worry about how the building will get cleaned. When the company is scheduled to come, they will show up and complete all of these duties for you.

Dirtsmash: Professional Home Deep Cleaning To The Rescue

Dirtsmash: Professional Home Deep Cleaning To The Rescue

Enter Dirtsmash – a bunch of clean freaks verified professional home deep cleaning. Broken windows and peeling paint, dirty AC and unclean refrigerator. These kinds of daily use things around the house are the first to get dirty but hardly do we divert our attention towards cleaning them. It also makes no sense to tell your maid to do it because she would either do a shoddy job and be calling for random electricians and plumbers isn’t a comfortable option either.

We provide home repair services at the most affordable prices and precision. Repairing things is a skill and so is maintaining it. Dirtsmash offers both at the lowest rates.

House repair should be carried out as soon as possible to prevent further damage. It ensures longevity and delays in capital expenditure. Hiring professional house repair services are the go-to option for a hassle-free mending of the broken things of the house.

Fixing roof: Monsoon is the worst enemy of the rooftop. Renovate it before the water starts trickling from the sides of the wall and in no time, you find yourself swimming in the living area.

Electrical fixtures: Switchboards and sockets can be dangerous in case the connection is loose, therefore, restore it to prevent yourself or your child from getting a shock. Installation of washing machines, air conditioners etc. under expert guidance are done to provide an accident-free home.

Reconditioning of waterworks: Calling a plumber who charges an exorbitant amount and who doesn’t have a certificate of expertise is not recommended. Invest in a yearlong house repair contract where leakages of pipes, broken taps, faucet handles, sanitary ware, and damaged appliances like geyser etc. are mended at the client’s convenience.

Carpentry: Wooden fixtures require delicate handling for the fact that they can get infested with termites or break for once and for all. Application of polish and varnish on the surface of furniture will prevent damage to your favourite pieces and paintings, and hey, you can get them hanged too as the professionals are well equipped with tools and machinery.

Call us to take care of A to Z of you maintaining and cleaning your spaces.

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Pamper Your Home with Deep Cleaning Services

If we ask who helps you to clean your house, most of you will reply ‘a maid’. What does a maid do exactly? Wash the dishes and mop the floor? A little dusting around the house, maybe? But does she do it all? The maid culture is more popular in India and almost every family has one to do the drudgery around the house. But what if you need more cleaning to do around the house and that too at a time when your maid might be unavailable? You take the smartest decision by calling us!  At Dirtsmash, we provide cleaning and housekeeping services in Noida, Delhi Faridabad and other regions in NCR.

What is it that we do? We smash the dirt!

We have a dirty job to do, but we do it with all our love. Here are some of our house cleaning services that we provide………

Kitchen jobs:

  • Removing food stains, grease stains from kitchen tiles, cabinets and appliances.
  • Scrubbing the kitchen floor, the shelves, refrigerator doors, etc.
  • Cleaning of the kitchen appliances like dishwasher, blender, etc.

Bedroom cleaning:

  • Cleaning of doors, tabletops, side tables, chairs and other furniture.
  • Dusting artworks, painting and other small designer pieces kept in the room.
  • Cleaning the windows, windowpanes, mattresses, curtains, carpets etc.
  • Dusting, removal of the cobwebs, switchboards.

We do use our talent to do our jobs skillfully and with full expertise but we also use the gift of technology to help us so that we become the best at what we do. Got a big family function coming up or a party with important people to impress? Leave it to us to make your house cleaner than it was before. In addition, a tidy, organized home will help you to be more productive.

Book an appointment today at www.dirtsmash.in

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Deep Cleaning Services And Their Benefits

Is your house a mess? Do you find that you never get enough time to wash the dishes, make the beds, vacuum, and have a few minutes of free time for yourself? Do you settle for superficial cleaning when a room really requires a deep cleaning? If so, you may be in need of deep cleaning services. Dirtsmash provides complete house deep cleaning service in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a rainy city or a city with little rain – your house will inevitably need a seasonal cleaning. This is especially true if you have small children or pets. Despite this, many people are concerned about spending money on a cleaning service. If you’re not sure of the benefits of a professional cleaning team, here are a few reasons why it’s worth the money.

Creating more free-time

If you hire a cleaning service, not only will your home actually shine, you will have free time for you and your family. Whether you take up a hobby, spend time with kids, workout, read a book, or tend to other household chores like gardening or repairs, a spring cleaning service can be a vital utility. Imagine returning home from a long day at work to a spic-and-span home. Just seeing the cleanliness is peaceful.


While some people may think hiring a cleaning service is an unnecessary expense, in truth, it can actually save you money. For someone who works from home, hiring a cleaning service can free-up hours with which you can do more work. In addition, a tidy, organized home will help you to be more productive.

Keeping You Healthy

For many people, untidiness is the cause for anxiety. They feel coerced to clean and get frustrated when they don’t clean enough. Hiring a cleaning service can diminish that stress. In addition, being clean and organized will reduce the stress caused by lost keys, receipts, glasses, etc. What’s more, people suffering from allergy, eliminating dust and bacteria can do wonders for their breathing.

Many people living in big cities in India find little time for themselves; hence, they push off their household chores. Fortunately, people can now hire house cleaning services in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon that deliver quality services at a reasonable price.


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5 Fast Cleaning Hacks

Despite having help around the house, it always requires more cleaning, doesn’t it? You will find yourself rushing in after work, picking up things off the floor and wiping everything on the way to your room. All of this can get taxing. This is also why cleaning hacks have flooded the Internet and Housekeeping services in Delhi/NCR have become really important. Here are 5 hacks, which will speed up your cleaning process:

1.Lemon and baking soda

Lemon and baking soda are the best combinations to remove any kind of stain from any kind of material. Mix them or use them separately but these will save you the scrubbing time! House repair services bet on this hack.

2. Wire bins and table trays

Buy a number of wire bins to collect all the wires and keep their hassle away. It will give your home a much cleaner look. Coming to table trays, they are the best way to keep your tables presentable without doing much work.

3. Use a lint roller

Get a lint roller and use it to collect the dust off products like your lampshade and carpet. It is the easiest and fastest way to clean them! You can also use a razor for fabrics that are extremely thick.

4. Plastic food wrap for the win!

Line things like your cupboards and fridge with plastic food wraps! This way the actual product won’t acquire much dust and you won’t have to clean it either. If you use it in the fridge, you will also be able to avoid cleaning after spills!

5. Bread on broken objects!

Breaking a glass at the end of the day can be terrifying. Not because you lost the glass but because you have to clean up! Housekeeping services in Delhi NCR keep this hack in their back pocket. Pick up the huge pieces by hand and then use a piece of bread to clean the rest. Just press the bread over the small pieces and you will be able to collect them easily without hurting yourself.

Cleaning can be tough and be tiring especially after a whole day of work. Finding as many hacks as you can and employing them correctly will get your cleaning done much faster. Luckily you don’t have to waste your Sunday’s deep cleaning this spring! There are a host of home cleaning services and house repair contracts provided by cleaning services that will take care of all your problems.



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