Deep house cleaning services

Deep House Cleaning Services: What’s Dirtier is Washroom or Your Kitchen?

Employees who work for deep house cleaning services have often said that the toughest place to clean is the kitchen. As knowledgeable professionals they understand where the dirt actually lies and struggle hard to get rid to it. Below are all the tricks you need to keep your kitchen as bacteria free as possible.

A surprising survey brings to light that the kitchen sink might be dirtier than anything else in your home. The bacteria breeding in our kitchen usually goes unnoticed. Professionals have often spoken about the fact that the kitchen sink is one of the hardest things to clean. Keeping the above in mind, this article gives easy and doable tricks for daily cleaning. Starting from the sink to the appliances.

A recent survey has shown that your kitchen sink and appliances are more likely to spread diseases as compared to your washroom. It may be surprising to hear, but it was found that in most cases the kitchen sink has more bacteria than the toilet bowl. Merely washing the sink isn’t going to be enough to kill the bacteria breeding in it. Keeping this in mind, we bring you tips and tricks to have a clean and sparkly kitchen.

The kitchen sink

The sink is the dirtiest place in the kitchen. Getting started with it is the only sensible thing to do at this point. Most of us don’t realize that a clogged drain also produces bacteria. Boiling water is fed to the drain can be an easy way to unclog it. Moving on from this, you should make use of bleach to clean the sink and kill the bacteria!

The floor

The kitchen is one of the most visited and used areas in the house. This obviously makes the floor very dirty. Keeping in mind that a lot of things are stored in this tiny space, it must be cleaned regularly. One must use a strong disinfectant to get rid of all the grease marks.

The counter

Cleaning the counter is relatively easy as compared to the other parts. You must buy a fragranced disinfectant, which is also eco-friendly. Make sure to devise a good cleaning process and repeat it at least 3 to 4 times a week. Spring cleaning services in Delhi say that they notice an extra layer of moisture over the counter due to the arrival of monsoon.

The cabinets

The cabinets contain most of our stuff and are not cleaned regularly. It would be a good idea to clean it once using vinegar or washing soda and then to cover the insides using brown paper. House repair services are a great way to get all your appliances fixed at once along with the broken hinges and cabinets.

The appliances

Every appliance in your kitchen needs special attention. We understand that it is tough to clean everything in a different manner and thus we suggest a neutral solution to all – Vinegar. You may use diluted vinegar to clean out the appliances at least once a month.

Despite making all of these efforts, there are areas and parts in your kitchen that need a much more thorough treatment. Deep cleaning services today can help you clean out everything annually or as often as you would like and with the monsoon kicking in, this would be the perfect time to hire one.

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services Is Now Fun and Easy

A clean surrounding makes up for a clean mind.

Your maid also ditched you, this morning out of nowhere and now you are alone in this mess. How do you wish mother was here, right? Why think about your mother only during the need and not to cherish memories with her when the ultimate provider of house cleaning services is at your rescue!

The concept of cleanliness demands a lot of discipline and punctuality. However, busy days and tight schedules do not allow you to stay punctual. This becomes a huge hassle, especially when you are living alone. The guests had an amazing time at your house party, last night but they shall not help you clean up the mess that the party brought in to your home.

There are a number of agencies that provide home cleaning services, repairing, as well as housekeeping services.

The team of experts are skilled to do the needful along with having a good experience in the required field. They thoroughly know the tasks they have to undertake and complete. The workforce is equipped with the latest technology that involves all the machinery required to make the process of cleaning perfect. Such agencies hold a staff of experts who also facilitate allied services like a car wash, carpet cleaning services in the bedroom or in the living room, washing of kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles, faucets and everything else that needs and demands cleaning.

Semi-automated services from such companies leave no room for complaints as the errors are reduced due to less human interference. The products used are scientifically approved and are capable enough of rubbing off those stains that simply refuse to leave. Many agencies also have the option of “deep cleaning” which involves procedures that disinfect the hidden corners of your kitchen, bathroom or the bedroom, which are home to many pests.

If you enjoyed reading and would like to avail the services then do book your session with us now!

Commercial cleaning services:Tips To Improve The Air Quality Of Your Office

Commercial Cleaning Services: Tips To Improve The Air Quality Of Your Office

Most corporate offices today have negligible ventilation and sunlight, and this can cause a huge problem as breathing in dust and old air can lead to allergies, common flu and other infections. As an employee or boss working in the corporate world, it is best to have your colleagues acquainted with a few tips to improve the air quality and the uses of commercial cleaning services.

Microfiber cloth and personal desks

The cleanliness of your personal desk and the dust on your stationary is all contributing to a more polluted environment. The first and easiest tips of all is to have every employee buy a microfiber cloth and wipe their desks and stationary clean each day. Housekeeping services in Gurgaon swear by these clothes!

Deep cleaning your floor

Most of the dust and dirt comes in through your shoes and gets stuck on the flooring. Getting your floors deep cleaned and vacuumed professionally will make a world of difference in the air quality.

Floor mats

Deep cleaning the floor every day can be a tough task to manage so an easier solution is to add doormats at every entrance. Having these doormats will mean a cleaner floor and a smaller area to clean too!

Keeping the humidity in check

Corporate offices in cities like Delhi can be extremely humid despite 24/7 air conditioning. One must make sure to set the correct temperature to avoid humidity. A humid environment is much more likely to make you sick.

Clean your Air conditioners

The filters in your air conditioner often wear out after collecting too much dust. While it may not be visible, but your AC could be throwing out dust particles and dirt along with cool air! Office cleaning services are an easy solution to this problem. They will come in to clean your filters and everything else too so that you have a better environment to work in.

Commercial cleaning services have mastered the art of deep cleaning even the dirtiest of corporate offices. Having cleaner air in your office may seem like a small change but it definitely will show big results. Also, don’t forget that you can always have air-purifying plants as an addition!

Commercial cleaning service

Why should you use a commercial cleaning service?

Free yourself from the duty of home and office cleaning on a regular day-to-day basis and hire a company who expertise in commercial cleaning services. Business owners for sure do have the option of cleaning their office buildings by themselves and on the same side, also have the option of hiring a deep cleaning professional to clean the building for them. The latter, they feel and experience has numerous benefits. Scroll on to find out the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service business.

Great looks and amazing fragrance in the building comes along with hiring a commercial cleaning business. Companies that offer such deep cleaning services specialise in the cleaning duties of commercial buildings. They are able to clean any type of room or item placed in the building making it look spot on. They also make sure that all trash boxes are emptied and sanitised for reuse again.

Another key activity that is offered by these companies is that they clean all windows and mirrors throughout the building inside out. This also includes periodic cleaning of blinds and curtains for regular housekeeping.

One of the largest tasks they will complete is the hard-surface floor. A lot of commercial buildings have tile floors or something that is similar to it. A professional service company will clean all these floors and they will wax them periodically as well. Once you have them on board there is very little you will have to worry!

As you can see, these businesses can clean anything and just like how they would do home cleaning services. By hiring such a professional company whose expertise lies in doing such things, you receive another huge benefit. This benefit is time. By hiring them you are free from completing these duties yourself and pay attention to far more important things. This means that you do not have to worry about how the building will get cleaned. When the company is scheduled to come, they will show up and complete all of these duties for you.


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