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Deep Cleaning House Services Room By Room Checklist

This is why it is a good idea to hire deep cleaning house services. Cleaning a house thoroughly can prove to be a very tough task. One will usually end up finding way more dirt than expected.  They will get to all the unthought-of of spots and be done in just a day. Don’t forget to give them your own personal list.

Spring is a perfect time to deep clean your house. It can be hard to remember to clean everything once you get started and especially once you get tired. The list in this article divides your house into different parts and helps you focus on all the areas that need special attention and the ones that you may forget. From faucets to wooden furniture, it covers all.

1. The splashback: The bench top is cleaned almost every day but the same cannot be said for the splash back. It acquires its fair amount of oil and dust and must be cleaned well.

2.  Stovetop, oven and other appliances: Using our kitchen appliances daily means that a lot of food spillage and oil is acquired over them. A great tip is to use lemon juice to wipe off the dirt!

3.   Taps and sinks: These are the most germ-infested areas. Spring cleaning services have repeatedly said that cleaning or wiping them isn’t enough to kill the germs and bacteria. You must use a disinfectant!


  1. Shower area and flooring: Most of us use tiles in our bathrooms. Wall and floor tiles both can get very dirty even when they don’t look like it. Moping the floor followed by cleaning the grout areas will make your bath shine!
  2. Toilet: This is self-explanatory. You must use a sanitising product to get rid of the germs. Don’t forget to wipe off the dirt stuck behind your toilet.
  3. Other areas: Sinks and faucets should be cleaned the same way as the kitchen and all the product bottles should be wiped. Keep a look out of mould this rainy season.

       Bedroom and living room

  1. Furniture and wood: For a completely clean look you should opt to get your wooden furniture re-polished. Products like the bed and chairs are cleaned often but the areas behind them aren’t! This is a point to focus on.
  2. Dust everything: Every living room and a bedroom is different so you must focus on your personal requirements. Dusting the whole room thoroughly including cabinets is a good way to get started.


  1. Handles, doorknobs and switches: These three are among the most used things in our home. Spring cleaning services in Delhi suggest that they are also the reason for infections passing on easily. You must use a disinfectant to wipe off all the germs.
  2. Wires and pipes: While it isn’t possible to clean them from the inside, you must wipe them once in a while to avoid dust piling up! A wire bin can come in handy at this point.
  3. Cabinets and drawers: All drawers must be cleaned from the inside. It is not to be forgotten that their railing too should be cleaned and oiled for better use.



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