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Deep House Cleaning Services: Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Deep house cleaning services suggest vacuuming your mattress from time to time. The pollution and dirt in today’s environment majorly affect your health and your immunity. Your house is not free from this pollution either. Keep a checklist of the most dust and dirt prone areas in your home and clean them properly at regular intervals. This article also contains tips and tricks that will help you keep your home dust free. Deep cleaning is the solution to everything! Read on to find out more about the same!

Delhi has always had poor air quality and is regularly being warned about the pollution level. This obviously makes our homes dirty and full of dust. This dust is also a major cause for allergies and infections spreading faster. Is your home too, making you sick?

Air pollution is not just an issue for outdoors; it is also an issue for your home. Unfortunately, we walk into our homes and bring the infections in with us. Having different immunities and capacities make us prone to getting sick faster if our home too is dirty. Make your home a safe haven for you and not a breeding place for insects!

Bedding: You spend a minimum of 6/8 hours in your bed. This means that you are constantly exposed to any dirt and dust that settles in. Dust is particularly drawn towards your bed sheet and even your mattress! The solution to this is to wash and change your bed sheet every week and to get your mattress professionally cleaned once every three months.

Furniture: Like your bedding, any furniture made of fabric is prone to getting dirty. An easy solution to clean these is to make a paste of baking soda and water! You can use this DIY trick once a month for fresh looking furniture.

Bathrooms: Bathrooms are one of the dirtiest places in your home. They propose a huge health risk to you, so you must maintain proper hygiene. Spring cleaning services in Delhi suggests using a store-bought disinfectant on a daily basis!

Refrigerators: Your refrigerator is the moistest place in your home. This makes it, and all the food in it, more prone to growing mould. Make sure you deep clean your refrigerator at least once in two weeks! Also, try to store leftover food in sealed boxes instead of on a plate.

Fortunately, all of these health threats that your house may cause can easily be neutralized. Office cleaning services in Delhi also suggest cleaning your air conditioner from time to time to maintain fresher air.

Keep your home clean and make sure that it is free of insects, dirt and dust. It may not seem so, but a clean home can majorly impact your health and help improve your immunity. Keep the air in your home clean and live a healthier life.


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