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Deep House Cleaning Services: What’s Dirtier is Washroom or Your Kitchen?

Employees who work for deep house cleaning services have often said that the toughest place to clean is the kitchen. As knowledgeable professionals they understand where the dirt actually lies and struggle hard to get rid to it. Below are all the tricks you need to keep your kitchen as bacteria free as possible.

A surprising survey brings to light that the kitchen sink might be dirtier than anything else in your home. The bacteria breeding in our kitchen usually goes unnoticed. Professionals have often spoken about the fact that the kitchen sink is one of the hardest things to clean. Keeping the above in mind, this article gives easy and doable tricks for daily cleaning. Starting from the sink to the appliances.

A recent survey has shown that your kitchen sink and appliances are more likely to spread diseases as compared to your washroom. It may be surprising to hear, but it was found that in most cases the kitchen sink has more bacteria than the toilet bowl. Merely washing the sink isn’t going to be enough to kill the bacteria breeding in it. Keeping this in mind, we bring you tips and tricks to have a clean and sparkly kitchen.

The kitchen sink

The sink is the dirtiest place in the kitchen. Getting started with it is the only sensible thing to do at this point. Most of us don’t realize that a clogged drain also produces bacteria. Boiling water is fed to the drain can be an easy way to unclog it. Moving on from this, you should make use of bleach to clean the sink and kill the bacteria!

The floor

The kitchen is one of the most visited and used areas in the house. This obviously makes the floor very dirty. Keeping in mind that a lot of things are stored in this tiny space, it must be cleaned regularly. One must use a strong disinfectant to get rid of all the grease marks.

The counter

Cleaning the counter is relatively easy as compared to the other parts. You must buy a fragranced disinfectant, which is also eco-friendly. Make sure to devise a good cleaning process and repeat it at least 3 to 4 times a week. Spring cleaning services in Delhi say that they notice an extra layer of moisture over the counter due to the arrival of monsoon.

The cabinets

The cabinets contain most of our stuff and are not cleaned regularly. It would be a good idea to clean it once using vinegar or washing soda and then to cover the insides using brown paper. House repair services are a great way to get all your appliances fixed at once along with the broken hinges and cabinets.

The appliances

Every appliance in your kitchen needs special attention. We understand that it is tough to clean everything in a different manner and thus we suggest a neutral solution to all – Vinegar. You may use diluted vinegar to clean out the appliances at least once a month.

Despite making all of these efforts, there are areas and parts in your kitchen that need a much more thorough treatment. Deep cleaning services today can help you clean out everything annually or as often as you would like and with the monsoon kicking in, this would be the perfect time to hire one.

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