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Home Cleaning Services: 5 Mistakes That Can Make Cleaning Harder Than It Actually Is

Cleaning always seems like a long and exhausting task, but it doesn’t have to be. These mistakes end up making our job harder and still leave our house dirty. No one wants to waste their Sunday deep cleaning their home, which is why home cleaning services are a blessing. Experts from the cleaning industry have curated tips you should use!

Mistake 1: DIY cleaners

You may think your DIY cleaner is saving you money or doing a better job, but in the long run, it isn’t. A cleaner is best bought from the store. Products like baking soda to remove stains are a totally different ball game.

Mistake 2: Feather dusters

A feather duster may feel more convenient and fast when you’re cleaning but it actually does nothing. This duster only pushes dust from one area to another so you eventually end up cleaning more often. The replacement for this is a simple microfiber cloth. Commercial cleaning services swear by this product.

Mistake 3: You don’t clean the cleaner

All of us have that one dusting cloth which has even changed colour over time. This is exactly where most people go wrong. A cleaning cloth/material needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly. Be it a duster, wiper or vacuum cleaner, your cleaning products need cleaning too using home cleaning services

Mistake 4: You use a cleaning spray directly on the surface you want to clean

Spraying directly on the surface you want to clean is a big no-no. Doing this creates a build upon its surface, which actually attracts more dust. A simple solution is to spray on the cleaning cloth and not the product.

Mistake 5: You try to finish all your chores in one day

While professional teams are capable of deep cleaning your whole house in a day, you may not know those tricks well enough. Piling up your chores all for your Sunday is never a good idea.

Cleaning is trickier than it looks. It takes a long time but is definitely worth it by the end! Luckily Delhi and NCR now have cleaning and home repair services to help you out.


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