Dirtsmash: Professional Home Deep Cleaning To The Rescue

Dirtsmash: Professional Home Deep Cleaning To The Rescue

Enter Dirtsmash – a bunch of clean freaks verified professional home deep cleaning. Broken windows and peeling paint, dirty AC and unclean refrigerator. These kinds of daily use things around the house are the first to get dirty but hardly do we divert our attention towards cleaning them. It also makes no sense to tell your maid to do it because she would either do a shoddy job and be calling for random electricians and plumbers isn’t a comfortable option either.

We provide home repair services at the most affordable prices and precision. Repairing things is a skill and so is maintaining it. Dirtsmash offers both at the lowest rates.

House repair should be carried out as soon as possible to prevent further damage. It ensures longevity and delays in capital expenditure. Hiring professional house repair services are the go-to option for a hassle-free mending of the broken things of the house.

Fixing roof: Monsoon is the worst enemy of the rooftop. Renovate it before the water starts trickling from the sides of the wall and in no time, you find yourself swimming in the living area.

Electrical fixtures: Switchboards and sockets can be dangerous in case the connection is loose, therefore, restore it to prevent yourself or your child from getting a shock. Installation of washing machines, air conditioners etc. under expert guidance are done to provide an accident-free home.

Reconditioning of waterworks: Calling a plumber who charges an exorbitant amount and who doesn’t have a certificate of expertise is not recommended. Invest in a yearlong house repair contract where leakages of pipes, broken taps, faucet handles, sanitary ware, and damaged appliances like geyser etc. are mended at the client’s convenience.

Carpentry: Wooden fixtures require delicate handling for the fact that they can get infested with termites or break for once and for all. Application of polish and varnish on the surface of furniture will prevent damage to your favourite pieces and paintings, and hey, you can get them hanged too as the professionals are well equipped with tools and machinery.

Call us to take care of A to Z of you maintaining and cleaning your spaces.

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