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5 Fast Cleaning Hacks

Despite having help around the house, it always requires more cleaning, doesn’t it? You will find yourself rushing in after work, picking up things off the floor and wiping everything on the way to your room. All of this can get taxing. This is also why cleaning hacks have flooded the Internet and Housekeeping services in Delhi/NCR have become really important. Here are 5 hacks, which will speed up your cleaning process:

1.Lemon and baking soda

Lemon and baking soda are the best combinations to remove any kind of stain from any kind of material. Mix them or use them separately but these will save you the scrubbing time! House repair services bet on this hack.

2. Wire bins and table trays

Buy a number of wire bins to collect all the wires and keep their hassle away. It will give your home a much cleaner look. Coming to table trays, they are the best way to keep your tables presentable without doing much work.

3. Use a lint roller

Get a lint roller and use it to collect the dust off products like your lampshade and carpet. It is the easiest and fastest way to clean them! You can also use a razor for fabrics that are extremely thick.

4. Plastic food wrap for the win!

Line things like your cupboards and fridge with plastic food wraps! This way the actual product won’t acquire much dust and you won’t have to clean it either. If you use it in the fridge, you will also be able to avoid cleaning after spills!

5. Bread on broken objects!

Breaking a glass at the end of the day can be terrifying. Not because you lost the glass but because you have to clean up! Housekeeping services in Delhi NCR keep this hack in their back pocket. Pick up the huge pieces by hand and then use a piece of bread to clean the rest. Just press the bread over the small pieces and you will be able to collect them easily without hurting yourself.

Cleaning can be tough and be tiring especially after a whole day of work. Finding as many hacks as you can and employing them correctly will get your cleaning done much faster. Luckily you don’t have to waste your Sunday’s deep cleaning this spring! There are a host of home cleaning services and house repair contracts provided by cleaning services that will take care of all your problems.



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