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Home Cleaning Services Take Care of Post-Festival Mess

Doesn’t it sound too much work already? A better option is to search for the best home cleaning services provider close to our society. A Delhi city resident can approach house cleaning services in Delhi at convenience.

It is a task to do housekeeping before and post-festive time too. During Diwali, we have so many visitors at home, leaving us tired and making us ask for help from everyone around us.

Some of us may still be wondering why we need a post-Diwali clean up when we just did it before the festive time started. A professional home cleaning service provider can assist us to get rid of the visible and the deep-mess inside.

Normal Sweeping Style May Not Help

The Diwali clutter on the floor is a good enough reason to call for deep cleaning services. There are dirt and dust deposits in every corner of the home, and only a smart and technical expert can effectively tackle the post-Diwali mess holistically.

Cleaning Rangoli, for example, is not a simple job. There are Rangoli stopovers inside the home and then, there is, food or drink spillovers. To add to the post-Diwali fury, there are cracker papers, gift-wraps, etc. to take care of. One might clear the mess without outside help, however, it still a viable idea to deep clean home since there is a lot of clutter-effects on the floor. Relax and let the professionals do the job for you.

Will the Usual Floor Mopping Work?

Professional mopping expertise is compelling for the same reasons and more. Mopping is specifically done to remove stains on the floor before it becomes stubborn or gets permanent.

There are cheap cleaning bottles available in the market, which may do more harm than good, but professional cleaners come with advanced tools to set the home clean. They possess the expertise to clean home in a focused way.

The Troubling Sight of Oil Stains Inside Kitchen

There is a lot of kitchen work to be done post-Diwali. One may not even feel like stepping into the kitchen, what with the skin full of dishes, the refrigerator a riot of leftover food and sweets, and the kitchen in dire need to return to its original spic and span health. Don’t stress when there are house-cleaning services that can take care of your headache.

Sustain The Festive Spirit

Continue the celebrations in spirit and cleanliness by according priority to pre-Diwali and Post-Diwali clean-up, in that order. It is important to personally emphasis on post-Diwali clean up equally to brace up for the next festive occasion in sight, i.e the New Year celebrations. Have a great festive season!

Everything around us, the balcony, stairways, the street is in a great mess and mostly the bad odour and harmful pollutants seep into our home. Therefore, it is crucial to hire deep cleaning services and avail the listed benefits to maintain cleanliness and peace at home.

House cleaning services in Delhi

House Cleaning Services Keep The Dirt Outside Your Home

Living in a city full of dust, dirt and pollution are tough. All of us try our best to keep our homes clean no matter what the outside may look like, but sometimes it is difficult to not walk into the house with outside dust. House cleaning services are some ways you can minimize the entry of dust into your home:

1.Air fresheners and more

With the level of pollution increasing each day, house cleaning services in Delhi recommend adding a medicinal air cleanser near your door. You can also make use of an air purifier or houseplants if you want.

2. Limit your entryways

Try using the same door to enter and exit as much as possible, as having just one functional door on a daily basis will help you reduce the amount of mess you create. Experts from industrial cleaning services also suggest doing this in corporate offices with high footfall.

2. Double up on doormats

Having a doormat just outside your door may not be enough. Put one also just inside a house so that you clean your shoes twice before entering the house. Making this small change will impact majorly on the amount of dirt your shoes bring in.

3. A shoe free home

Add shoe racks next to your entryways so that it is clear that shoes aren’t allowed in your home. You can keep a few soft fabric slippers on the same rack for use only inside your home.

4. Clean your pets

Make sure that you carry a cloth every time you take your pet(s) for a walk. Be sure to clean their paws and body before they set foot inside. This will not only prevent dirt from coming in your home but will also keep a lot of unhealthy bacteria away. Housekeeping services in Gurgaon recommend doing the same before you enter your building in case you stay in an apartment.

These tips may seem like small changes but can all have a major impact. Following these will make it much easier for you to leave the outside dirt and mess outside your home.


House cleaning services

House Cleaning Services: Tips For Those Prone To Allergies

House cleaning services: Allergies can make you feel miserable and colds can make you question the existence of God. A stuffy nose, a heavy head and itchy eyes can and will prevent you from getting any work done. This is just one of the reasons why keeping your home free from allergens is extremely important. Make your home your safe haven.

The Most Common Allergens

Experts from spring-cleaning services in Delhi have found that the two most common allergens found in most homes are dust mites and moulds. Dust mites are microscopic creatures and they exist everywhere. They cause respiratory irritation and make you sneeze often. Mould is an organism that survives in moist places like bathrooms and kitchens.

Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to reduce these and other allergens in your home!

1. Wash Your Bedding

Your bedding is a haven for dust mites and can cause major irritation in your skin! Wash your sheets regularly in hot water and try using wool or feather based blankets. This will decrease the number of dust mites. Housekeeping services in Delhi suggest getting your mattress professionally cleaned every 6 months!

2. Avoid Carpets

Carpets attract dust extremely fast so try avoiding carpeted flooring if you can. Also, you can hire housekeeping services in Delhi NCR to get your doormats and other carpeted objects professionally cleaned.

3. Use Sealed Bagging

Use sealed bags to store your foods and any unpackaged products in the kitchen. This is a small task that can prevent mould completely.

4. Use The Exhaust Fan

After having a bath, a wet washroom is extremely prone to grow mould. The solution to this is easy. Wipe off all the water that you can and make sure you run the exhaust fan while you shower.

Be vigilant and take care of your home and your own self. Small tips and tricks can help you lead a healthier life. At the end of the day, all of us would do anything to prevent a cold, so why not this? Happy cleaning!


House cleaning services

House Cleaning Services: Each Corner of Your Bathroom Demands Attention

It is good to maintain housekeeping standards for bathroom cleaning. However, the rigorous use of bathroom demands a thorough cleaning probe and there is a better way to do the job, which is, to appoint a house cleaning services provider. Be mindful of explaining to them, what deep cleaning home concept means personally to you so that you get a complete value for money deal from it.

Many of us still stick to the basics of bathroom cleaning, limiting our understanding of cleaning the floors or the toilet seat and occasionally, doing the window dusting or using a cloth to clean the mirror. Today, we mean to emphasise on the fact that bathroom cleaning needs more attention and should be an integrated part of your everyday housekeeping and deep cleaning home services, which you may appoint at regular intervals.


You need to review your mirror every day as water spills and soap residue can make it appear dirty. You can use a microfiber cloth, wipe it wet first and then gently rub with a dry cloth. If you do it regularly, you do not need to apply solutions to get the shine back. You can even prepare a vinegar and water spray to wipe with the dry cloth.


The everyday action in the bathroom leaves spots, stains and deposits on the glossy or matte counter surface. You can use baking soda to clear the water spills and residue or even specks of dust.


The moisture in the bathroom or the damp weather can result in mould sticking to the window or door surface. Mould and Mildew are a type of fungi which appear as stains on the surface. The straightforward way to do the cleaning bit is to prepare a solution using bleach and thrice the quantity of warm water blend. Use a nylon brush to scrub the visible blemishes.


The shower will stop splashing water if you don’t keep the basic hygiene standards. Prepare a textured paste using baking soda and water to wither the deposits on the shower. For the tub scum, the applied vinegar formula is the ace housekeeping tactic.


 Toilet seats are perhaps the most usual form of housekeeping engagement we personally do. Natural cleaning agents like coating with baking soda and diluting vinegar into the water will help you get rid of the foul smell. Don’t forget to scrub it using borax for disinfecting.


Another segmented thought of housekeeping is to remove the dirt, residue, bacteria or mould pulsation. Even though using chemicals or floor cleaners is a fabricated house cleaning services solution, the better way to do is- steam cleaning. It is a technique to get rid of the deposits on any surface. The heat from the steamer (the machine) will open the clogged floor surfaces and release the dirt built-up.

Also, use hydrogen peroxide, an oxidizer, bleaching agent and disinfectant, to clean the grout and stubborn bacteria and effectively sanitize the bathroom confinements. Settle the powder on tiles overnight and in the morning, clean it with water. Mix it with flour to whiten the tiles surface.

It is good to maintain housekeeping standards for bathroom cleaning. However, the rigorous use of bathroom demands a thorough cleaning probe and there is a better way to do the job, which is, to appoint a house cleaning services provider. Be mindful of explaining to them, what deep cleaning home concept means personally to you so that you get a complete value for money deal from it.




Deep house cleaning services

Deep House Cleaning Services
: Keep Your Home Clean Forever

It is favourable to get deep house cleaning services for the whole house at least once a year to completely remove all dust and debris for a cleaner home and healthier environment. Most Clean homes are often the dreams that never come true, especially if you live in the metro cities. But according to the study by researchers at Stanford University with the Nursing students from Texas, there have been some incredible revelations on the cleanliness factors of our home.

Though there are thousands of microorganisms that remain in our carpets, cupboards, and shelves, we fail to notice these important aspects and feel content cleaning our homes from the top. Few tips can get you better results, especially if you clean your home either by yourself or with professional housekeeping staff around.

Tip 1: Look For The Seasons

Wet climates are often messy. It is generally not advised to call house repair services or cleaning options in these seasons. Not only does the wetness drive the dirt into the house, mostly the disinfectants and other solvents really do not work as intended. However, special options could yield results but are often expensive and risky as compared to conventional options. So, the better times to get the cleaning going are the fall of spring or the end of summer.

Tip 2: Go For Nature-Friendly Options

Harmful chemicals do the work pretty much perfectly but there are few drawbacks that really do make the matters worsened over time. For instance, most of the chemicals used in deep house cleaning services have more inorganic contents than otherwise. These are rarely nature-friendly and can also harm the ecology of your home, especially if you live in houses with gardens and greens. There are alternatives available in the markets that you can ask professional cleaners to use.

Tip 3: Bring The Best In The Business

Quality really matters in housekeeping. It is never quantity and there are often misunderstandings that ride the process of cleaning homes. The drive of House cleaning should only be given in the hands of those who have had good decent experience with multiple choices such as industrial cleaning, restaurant cleaning etc. Most of these expert facilities also deliver a wider range of service with bonus and discounts.

But, the more relative aspects of cleaning homes remain on the timing. That translates into the fact that you can be satisfied with the results if you get house cleaning done once in a year rather than deliberately trying to get the best services every now and then. Importantly, getting the right people could really drive off any problems that could arise otherwise.

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services Is Now Fun and Easy

A clean surrounding makes up for a clean mind.

Your maid also ditched you, this morning out of nowhere and now you are alone in this mess. How do you wish mother was here, right? Why think about your mother only during the need and not to cherish memories with her when the ultimate provider of house cleaning services is at your rescue!

The concept of cleanliness demands a lot of discipline and punctuality. However, busy days and tight schedules do not allow you to stay punctual. This becomes a huge hassle, especially when you are living alone. The guests had an amazing time at your house party, last night but they shall not help you clean up the mess that the party brought in to your home.

There are a number of agencies that provide home cleaning services, repairing, as well as housekeeping services.

The team of experts are skilled to do the needful along with having a good experience in the required field. They thoroughly know the tasks they have to undertake and complete. The workforce is equipped with the latest technology that involves all the machinery required to make the process of cleaning perfect. Such agencies hold a staff of experts who also facilitate allied services like a car wash, carpet cleaning services in the bedroom or in the living room, washing of kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles, faucets and everything else that needs and demands cleaning.

Semi-automated services from such companies leave no room for complaints as the errors are reduced due to less human interference. The products used are scientifically approved and are capable enough of rubbing off those stains that simply refuse to leave. Many agencies also have the option of “deep cleaning” which involves procedures that disinfect the hidden corners of your kitchen, bathroom or the bedroom, which are home to many pests.

If you enjoyed reading and would like to avail the services then do book your session with us now!

Deep cleaning homes

Deep Cleaning Homes: How To Clean Your Room In Less Than An Hour

Deep Cleaning Homes count as one of the most hectic tasks to do! Trying to squeeze it between work and your daily routine just manages to make your room a bigger mess. Read on to find out tips and tricks from professionals that will help you clean your room in a more systematic manner.

There are a few things you need to have before you start. (Take a note!)

  • A microfiber cloth
  • A mop
  • Containers
  • A disinfectant
  • A garbage bag

Now proceed,

Start with sorting:

Start by picking up everything that does not belong in your room. From dirty dishes to the dirty laundry, Collect it all up and put it in its place. Move on to a desk or table, which has clutter, and collect all the things, which does not belong there and put it in a box. Put them where they belong. Do that with every single table in your room.

Proceed with dusting:

Once most things look like they are where they belong, start with the dusting. Remember to dust any and all products from top to bottom with a microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth is an expert cleaners best friend.

Moving on to the next step! Experts from home cleaning services suggest that changing your bed sheet and making a crisp bed makes your room look ten times fresher! So get to that as soon as you can.

Now start organizing:

Organizing may seem like a hectic task but it does not have to be. Since you have already sorted all the stuff and put it on its respective table/ desk, organizing is going to be easy. Put everything where it belongs (after dusting) and make sure you create space for a dump drawer in your room.

Next step – Deep cleaning:

Deep cleaning house is not an easy task but it becomes much more convenient if you do it the right way. Make use of the dump drawer now and throw in whatever is left out of place.

Housekeeping services in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida say that they don’t take more than 2 hours to clean even the dirtiest room! Mop the floor, clean the corners and send the carpets out for cleaning.

Make your life easier by following this routine and get your room cleaned up within an hour. Don’t forget that if you’re in a hurry, experts from deep cleaning services are just a call away and they are much more efficient than you think.

House cleaning services in Delhi/NCR

It’s Festive Season – Time To Get House Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR

Time is moving fast and in no time the month of festivals; October, will arrive. Apart from doing the preparations around the house, there are other things that take up most of our time and cleaning the house properly is one such tiring job. At Dirtsmash, we take half your load by cleaning every corner of your house so that your guests are left impressed by its House Cleaning Services in Delhi/NCR

This year flew by swiftly, didn’t it? We are already very close to the end of the year and just four months away from a glorious new year and resolutions that we never take seriously. But before that, the Indian festive time is upon us. That nip in the air along with the excitement of Diwali and parties make have us excited already!

There is so much to do with so little time- shopping for clothes, cleaning and decorating the house, preparing sweets and other traditional cuisines. Cleaning your house is one of the major tasks during the festival season that takes most of your time. And since it’s such a vigorous task, some people tend to clean only some part of it. But why would you not give your home a nice scrub, just like you would give to your clothes and shoes? After all, your home deserves to shine as well.

Can you imagine having guests at home but instead of them checking out the beautiful decorations, they are more into your undone house? Enter Dirtsmash, go for professional house cleaning services in Delhi. The living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom- we shall help you clean it up. From cleaning the cabinet to removing the cob-webs – from carpet cleaning services to home maintenance, we do it all.

For us, no mess is too much mess. Trust our services and allow us to use our expertise and make your home spotless clean so that you can focus on the preparations and make everyone happy. It’s time to be in the festive mood without the pressure, so call right away for deep cleaning services in Delhi/NCR. Let your house make a grand impression on everyone and be the spotlight in this festive season.

Don’t let an undone home take away the spotlight from your designer traditional attires, take some time off and let us sweep your worries away.

Home Cleaning Services

Home Cleaning Services: Your After Party SOS Partner

Planning and hosting a party is a task in itself but cleaning the mess afterwards is as annoying as it gets. With our expert home cleaning services, Dirtsmash promises to clean every dirty mess to leave your home spanking clean. Whatever may be the occasion be, we tidy up homes and offices in no time.

Party like there’s no tomorrow? Well, what about the after-party then? And by that, we mean the ‘cleaning of the mess’ part. The after-party scene is never a clean sight. What is worse, the hangover or the part where you have to clean the mess afterwards? The combined effect of both, and while we cannot do much about your hangover we can clean up the mess that aggravates your headache.

Dirtmash- the service you should call whenever there is a mess that needs to be taken care of. House cleaning services, home repair services, car wash, maintenance and repair, we to do it all. So if you require house cleaning services in the Delhi/NCR region, you know who to call.

Cleaning is one of the most tiring and boring jobs of the world that nobody likes. Whether it’s a last minute party that you’re throwing or a Diwali house cleaning that is exasperating you, we step in to take the burden of cleaning your home and office so that you can pay attention to other finer details.

At Dirtsmash, we believe in making your job easier with our complete range of housekeeping, cleaning and repair services. We are experts in what we do which include cleaning the bedroom, bathroom kitchen, living rooms and basically everything that comes under home cleaning services. Apart from that, we offer a range of other services that comes with an annual maintenance contract. Should you require an extensive cleaning you can go in for our deep cleaning services – a service that guarantees to reach the deepest corners of your space to leave them squeaky clean.

From removing greasy residue on kitchen cabinets and walls to scrubbing mildew off bathroom shower cubicle, and cleaning the heaviest of carpets, we are experts in giving you back a home that you love. In short, we provide a complete range of housekeeping, repair and cleaning services for home, office, and industrial spaces. Currently, we are busting dirt in Delhi NCR including Gurgaon and Noida. Book yours after party SOS partner today  www.dirtsmash.in

Commercial cleaning services:Tips To Improve The Air Quality Of Your Office

Commercial Cleaning Services: Tips To Improve The Air Quality Of Your Office

Most corporate offices today have negligible ventilation and sunlight, and this can cause a huge problem as breathing in dust and old air can lead to allergies, common flu and other infections. As an employee or boss working in the corporate world, it is best to have your colleagues acquainted with a few tips to improve the air quality and the uses of commercial cleaning services.

Microfiber cloth and personal desks

The cleanliness of your personal desk and the dust on your stationary is all contributing to a more polluted environment. The first and easiest tips of all is to have every employee buy a microfiber cloth and wipe their desks and stationary clean each day. Housekeeping services in Gurgaon swear by these clothes!

Deep cleaning your floor

Most of the dust and dirt comes in through your shoes and gets stuck on the flooring. Getting your floors deep cleaned and vacuumed professionally will make a world of difference in the air quality.

Floor mats

Deep cleaning the floor every day can be a tough task to manage so an easier solution is to add doormats at every entrance. Having these doormats will mean a cleaner floor and a smaller area to clean too!

Keeping the humidity in check

Corporate offices in cities like Delhi can be extremely humid despite 24/7 air conditioning. One must make sure to set the correct temperature to avoid humidity. A humid environment is much more likely to make you sick.

Clean your Air conditioners

The filters in your air conditioner often wear out after collecting too much dust. While it may not be visible, but your AC could be throwing out dust particles and dirt along with cool air! Office cleaning services are an easy solution to this problem. They will come in to clean your filters and everything else too so that you have a better environment to work in.

Commercial cleaning services have mastered the art of deep cleaning even the dirtiest of corporate offices. Having cleaner air in your office may seem like a small change but it definitely will show big results. Also, don’t forget that you can always have air-purifying plants as an addition!

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