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Home Cleaning Services: Your After Party SOS Partner

Planning and hosting a party is a task in itself but cleaning the mess afterwards is as annoying as it gets. With our expert home cleaning services, Dirtsmash promises to clean every dirty mess to leave your home spanking clean. Whatever may be the occasion be, we tidy up homes and offices in no time.

Party like there’s no tomorrow? Well, what about the after-party then? And by that, we mean the ‘cleaning of the mess’ part. The after-party scene is never a clean sight. What is worse, the hangover or the part where you have to clean the mess afterwards? The combined effect of both, and while we cannot do much about your hangover we can clean up the mess that aggravates your headache.

Dirtmash- the service you should call whenever there is a mess that needs to be taken care of. House cleaning services, home repair services, car wash, maintenance and repair, we to do it all. So if you require house cleaning services in the Delhi/NCR region, you know who to call.

Cleaning is one of the most tiring and boring jobs of the world that nobody likes. Whether it’s a last minute party that you’re throwing or a Diwali house cleaning that is exasperating you, we step in to take the burden of cleaning your home and office so that you can pay attention to other finer details.

At Dirtsmash, we believe in making your job easier with our complete range of housekeeping, cleaning and repair services. We are experts in what we do which include cleaning the bedroom, bathroom kitchen, living rooms and basically everything that comes under home cleaning services. Apart from that, we offer a range of other services that comes with an annual maintenance contract. Should you require an extensive cleaning you can go in for our deep cleaning services – a service that guarantees to reach the deepest corners of your space to leave them squeaky clean.

From removing greasy residue on kitchen cabinets and walls to scrubbing mildew off bathroom shower cubicle, and cleaning the heaviest of carpets, we are experts in giving you back a home that you love. In short, we provide a complete range of housekeeping, repair and cleaning services for home, office, and industrial spaces. Currently, we are busting dirt in Delhi NCR including Gurgaon and Noida. Book yours after party SOS partner today  www.dirtsmash.in

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