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Deep Cleaning House: What’s Your Cleaning Personality?

You know you would love to have a clean home but that takes time, which you don’t have. You often find yourself searching “deep cleaning house” on google.

On your way out to work, you pick up the dirtiest thing you can find and use the spare 10 minutes you barely have to clean it up!

Tips for you: You aren’t a procrastinator and you don’t love cleaning either but you know that it’s important and needs to be done. The trick for you is to create a 10-minute, day wise routine and hang it up on the fridge. Don’t go to the dirtiest product, go to your list and you will definitely be able to accomplish much more.

The Itsy Bitsy Cleaner

Cleaning is a must for everyone but all of us are different types of cleaners. No matter how we are or what we like and dislike all of us can benefit from some tips. This article is about helping you become a better cleaner and know a little bit more about yourself. Figure out what suits you best and use these tips to your advantage.

The Organizer

You’ve never seen a pile you didn’t want to straighten up or a shirt that you didn’t want to iron! Why is your cleaning still never done? Read below to know.

Tips for you: You never get any work done because you like a clean room but not the deep cleaning. You do small tasks because they’re easy to do and don’t take long. A good solution for you is to set up a list of chores you need to do and spend at least one Sunday a month getting it all done properly.

The frustrated Cleaner

Did you get some bad news or are you pissed about that one dish that hasn’t been cleaned yet? You clean when you’re frustrated and it definitely calms you down.

Tips for you: Everything does look clean after you get done but you never get to seasonal cleaning, which can turn out to be a problem. Hiring a spring-cleaning service is the easy way out for you to get everything done.

The All Or Nothing Cleaner

You are a deep house cleaning service yourself. You either do nothing or get everything done in one day. You open a drawer to clean it up but you just can’t stop there.

Tips for you: You need help maintaining your home on a regular basis. A deep clean is always a good idea but maintenance is key. Make a list of daily chores that you can do so that your home is always clean.

Cleaning is something that needs to be done by everyone. You will start having better days if you are organized before you go to sleep and you find everything you need in the right place. Know your personality, use the tips and be a better cleaner.

Deep cleaning homes

Deep Cleaning Homes: How To Clean Your Room In Less Than An Hour

Deep Cleaning Homes count as one of the most hectic tasks to do! Trying to squeeze it between work and your daily routine just manages to make your room a bigger mess. Read on to find out tips and tricks from professionals that will help you clean your room in a more systematic manner.

There are a few things you need to have before you start. (Take a note!)

  • A microfiber cloth
  • A mop
  • Containers
  • A disinfectant
  • A garbage bag

Now proceed,

Start with sorting:

Start by picking up everything that does not belong in your room. From dirty dishes to the dirty laundry, Collect it all up and put it in its place. Move on to a desk or table, which has clutter, and collect all the things, which does not belong there and put it in a box. Put them where they belong. Do that with every single table in your room.

Proceed with dusting:

Once most things look like they are where they belong, start with the dusting. Remember to dust any and all products from top to bottom with a microfiber cloth. A microfiber cloth is an expert cleaners best friend.

Moving on to the next step! Experts from home cleaning services suggest that changing your bed sheet and making a crisp bed makes your room look ten times fresher! So get to that as soon as you can.

Now start organizing:

Organizing may seem like a hectic task but it does not have to be. Since you have already sorted all the stuff and put it on its respective table/ desk, organizing is going to be easy. Put everything where it belongs (after dusting) and make sure you create space for a dump drawer in your room.

Next step – Deep cleaning:

Deep cleaning house is not an easy task but it becomes much more convenient if you do it the right way. Make use of the dump drawer now and throw in whatever is left out of place.

Housekeeping services in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida say that they don’t take more than 2 hours to clean even the dirtiest room! Mop the floor, clean the corners and send the carpets out for cleaning.

Make your life easier by following this routine and get your room cleaned up within an hour. Don’t forget that if you’re in a hurry, experts from deep cleaning services are just a call away and they are much more efficient than you think.


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