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Housekeeping Services Clean Your Bathroom In 10 Minutes

Housekeeping Services Clean your bathroom if you do it once in 3 months. Maintaining a clean and fresh bath is important for your health and your sanity too. Here we have all the things you need to do to clean your bathroom divided into separate tasks that take less than 10 minutes of your time. Maintenance is key.

We know how important and hectic it can be to keep your home and washroom clean while you work all week long. Letting go for even a few days can impact your home a lot which will definitely have an impact on your mood every morning.  The secret to having a clean home is cleaning regularly for a few minutes every day.

Here we have a small guide for you to follow! Divided into 3 tasks, to keep your bathroom fresh. Don’t let your bathroom be the troublesome zone you think it is.

Task 1: Cleaning The Toilet And The Flooring

Spray your toilet bowl with a store-bought disinfectant and use dust free wipes to wipe it down. Don’t forget that you can use baking soda and water to clean the lid, seat and its exteriors. Make sure you hose it down with water! Housekeeping services in Gurgaon use pressure water cleaning techniques for the same and they work like magic.

Now coming to the floors! Sweep the flooring using a mop and clean it with warm water instead of normal. You can use a lemon to clean the dirt stuck in the grout lines between tiles!

Task 2: Cleaning The Sink And Mirrors

Take out a sponge and get cleaning. Use a bleach-based cleanser to make your sink shine like never before. You can also use an air freshener to make your bathroom smell its best.

Clean the mirror using a mix of white vinegar and water! Apply this paste onto the mirror and wipe it up with newspapers. Give the final look of cleaning by spraying water onto the mirror and damp drying it using a piece of cloth/ towel. Experts from housekeeping services in Noida use this tip.

Task 3: Cleaning The Bathing Area And Upholstery

The first thing to think of when cleaning the upholstery is to have it working perfectly. Make use of a good house repair service and get all your equipment working. Coming to the cleaning, use a detergent and a scrub brush to clean the walls and flooring of the bathing area.

Let your shower run some hot water before cleaning any upholstery! This will make it easier for you to wipe down the dirt. Don’t forget about the magical combination of baking soda and water!

All of these tasks will take 10 minutes or less to perform. Do them on a regular basis regulating day wise and it’ll feel like an effortless part of your routine? Daily cleaning goes a long way.


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